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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

November 12th 2016

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November 2016 brought sad news with the passing of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen What nationality was he?


With first name Joni, what is the surname of another Canadian singer-songwriter, a near contemporary of Cohen's?


RJ Mitchell designed the Supermarine Spitfire in the 1930s. What was it?

A plane

If a plane with two sets of wings is a biplane, what is a plane with one set of wings?


What name is given to the wings on a fixed frame that enables a person to 'fly' with just leg power, usually jumping from a height or off a hill/ mountain side?

Hang glider

Complete the name of this small Australian gliding mammal, which is a type of possum. ____________Glider.

Squirrel or Sugar Glider

Squirrel Nutkin was the creation of the writer Beatrix ____________


What dynasty of Chinese porcelain is some of the most valuable in the world?


Complete the name of this film/cartoon villain. Ming The ____________


Merci in French, what is the same word in German?

Danke /Danke schoen.

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