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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

November 5th 2016

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What is the name of the Irish fruit loaf particularly associated with holidays and Halloween?

Barmbrack, brack or bairín breac

Where would you be if you were eating a similar fruit loaf to barmbrack, called bara brith?


Barm is used to leaven bread. What is it?

Yeast, the yeast used in brewing in particular.

What is also used as a raising agent in Irish bread?

Bicarbonate of soda / soda

Vinegar is an example of an acid, what is bicarbonate of soda an example of?

An alkali

What is the name of the paper that tests for acidity and alkalinity?


What everyday object makes a musical instrument when combined with tissue paper?

A comb

What is the name of the small trumpet like instrument that makes a similar noise to a comb and paper?

A kazoo

What in the Services is blown instead of a trumpet, for the Last Post, etc?

A bugle / cornet.

Eric Bogle is a Scottish Australian singer songwriter who wrote No Man's Land/aka Green Fields of ____________


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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