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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

October 23rd 2016

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Which famous singer was notoriously slow to publicly acknowledge his Nobel laureate for literature, awarded October 2016?

Bob Dylan

Jean-Paul Sartre turned the Nobel Prize for Literature down, in 1964. As well as being an author for what was Sartre famous?

As a philosopher.

For what is Frenchman Jean-Paul Gaultier (b. 1951) famous?

Fashion designer

Gaultier tried to popularise skirts for men. What 'skirt' for men is already widely worn, but usually more for ceremonial occasions?


Kiltimagh is a small town in which (westerly) Irish county?


What along with oil, is the chief ingredient of mayonnaise?

Egg yolks

What salad may remind you of a Roman emperor?


Which emperor of Rome was said to have fiddled whilst Rome burned?


What is the translation of the Italian word 'nero'?


Complete the Irish folk song title Black V????? Band?


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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