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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

September 24th 2016

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Angelina Jolie had a relationship split with which other major Hollywood star in September 2016?

Brad Pitt

What does the French word 'Jolie' as in 'tres jolie' mean?


Fill in the missing word. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are the five main ____________ languages.


What language did the Ancient Romans speak, primarily?


Latin, Tridentine, High, Low. What 'religious' word can follow all these?


In what sport is Brazilian Felipe Massa currently (2016) a top-class participant?

Formula 1 Motor Racing

How do Brazilians spell Brazil?


What European nation has 'Helvetia' on its stamps and coins?


Fill in the missing word. The 3D triangle shape of Swiss Toblerone chocolate is known as a triangular ____________


Chocolate is derived from the beans of what tree?


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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