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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

September 17th 2016

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What illness gave health concerns in September 2016 for Hilary Clinton?


At what event was Hilary when her collapse took place?

9/11 commemoration

How many years is it since 9/11 (in 2016)?


2001 was a year of disasters and ill fortune. What deadly disease, beginning with a, was used to infect mail in the USA?


What animals are most commonly infected with anthrax, generally?


What dairy cow beginning with J is named after an island in the Channel Islands off the coast of France?


Who is the very famous US singer who has made much of his New Jersey roots in song, with songs like 'Jersey Girl'?

Bruce Springsteen

What island group has heavy, complexly knitted sweaters (jerseys) named after it?

The Aran Islands

What knitting stitch sounds like a jewel -related name?


For what was Pearl S. Buck famous?

She was a 1930s author/writer who had been a missionary

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