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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

September 3rd 2016

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Hurricane Hermine made headlines in August 2016 causing damage in which popular US tourist area?


The US and what other massive nation ratified the Paris global climate agreement on September 3rd 2016 to reduce carbon emissions?


What name is given to coal, oil and gas, to indicate they were formed in the past from living organisms?

Fossil fuels

What are the famous White Cliffs of Dover made of?

Chalk/calcium carbonate

What type of very hard stone, used in prehistoric times for tools, is found as nodules in soft chalk?


Actor Robert Horton, who died in March 2016, played frontier scout Flint McCullough in what TV series?

Wagon Train

In the song Four Wheels on My Wagon, what Native American Tribe is after the singer?


Scottish actor Robert Carlyle played the TV (and book) detective policeman Hamish ???????


How is Shakespeare's play Macbeth known amongst superstitious actors/theatre goers who think the name brings bad luck?

The Scottish Play

What minor Biblical prophet's name is given by sailors and others to someone said to bring ill fortune with them?


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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