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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

August 6th 2016

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In late July 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump invited a cyber attack on his rival Hilary Clinton from whom?


Some of Russia's sportspeople were banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics & Paralympics for what reason?

Taking banned substances / having drug tests falsified

What is the correct name for the hop, step and jump in track and field athletics?

Triple jump

What would you expect to see if you were given a glass of triple sec?

A liqueur/orange liqueur

What is the flavour of the French liqueur Cointreau?


What type of orange has a name referencing its resemblance to part of the human anatomy?


Natives of which group of remote islands, famous for its huge statues, refer to it as The Navel of the World?

Easter Island

What Pacific island named after a day in December is controlled by Australia?

Christmas Island

Christmas is celebrated on or around January 7th in some O __________ Churches?


For many Christians, the end of Christmas is Twelfth Night, January 6th , also known in the church as E _________


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