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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

June 18th 2016

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Vegans don't eat honey – what is the bee secretion that is used to feed bee larvae, and as a dietary supplement by some people?

Royal Jelly

The Royal is the name of one of Dublin's canals, what is the name of the other?


What went 'Jingle, jangle, all along the banks of the Royal Canal' in song?

The Auld/Old Triangle

The Dublin canals eventually linked the Liffey with what other Irish river?

The Shannon

Shannon is Ireland's third busiest airport, Dublin the busiest, what is the second busiest?


What type of tree is the source of cork?

The Cork Oak

Why were oak trees once important to the Navies of the world?

Used to build ships

Which famous admiral had a flagship called HMS Victory?


Nelson Pessoa and Nelson Piquet were natives of which country?


Which Irish golfer has said he will not play in the Rio Olympics?

Rory McIlroy

Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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