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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

April 16th 2016

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The Ring of ???? is the name given to the arc of volcanic activity (and earthquakes) around the Pacific.


Beginning with T, which South Pacific island was once known as The Friendly Island, and had a 6' 3'' queen, Salote?


Members of the British Royal family went travelling in April 2016. William & Kate visited which iconic building in India?

Taj Mahal

Why was the Taj Mahal built?

As a tomb for a spouse

What is the main unit of currency in India?


What would you do with a dhoti in India?

Wear it

Who would have worn a chiton, in ancient times?

Greeks, it's their tunic

What was used to break the siege at Troy?

The wooden horse

The Trojan horse gave rise to the phrase 'Beware of Greeks bearing ?????


In what major European language does the word 'Gift' mean poison?


What poison did Hermann Goering use to commit suicide at Nuremberg, just before his execution?


A fly agaric can be poisonous, and is definitely hallucinogenic. What is it?


Peyote is another hallucinogen from nature. What is it?

A cactus

What strong alcoholic drink is made from the blue agave plant?


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