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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

April 2nd 2016

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What other major European nation shares the Belgian flag's colours of red, black and gold bars?


Golden, bald, sea – what large bird has these varieties?


What bird lays the largest eggs?


What flightless Australian bird resembles a small ostrich?


What Antipodean nation voted on a new flag in March 2016?

New Zealand

What plant is the New Zealand national emblem?


One popular fern is known in the UK as a hart's-tongue. What is a hart?

A deer

What does the famous US company John Deere manufacture?

Tractors/agricultural equipment

In what year were tanks first used in battle?


What is the name given to soldiers mounted on horses – especially when they charge?


Comanche was a horse who survived which cavalry general's famous Last Stand?

General Custer

What First American Nation people (beginning with N) were code talkers in WWI ?


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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