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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quiz'

March 19th 2016

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Who got in to a bit of controversy for pulling down an Australian fan's t-shirt on stage in March 2016 ?


One of Madonna's first major hits in 1984 was 'Like A ?????'


In what sea are the Virgin Islands?


The Virgin Islands are to the east of an island whose name translates from Spanish as 'Rich Port'. Which island?

Puerto Rico

What iconic Sixties musical and film featured warring Puerto Rican gangs in New York and was based on Romeo and Juliet?

West Side Story

In West Side Story Tony sings '????? -I just met a girl named ?????'


Actress Natalie ????, who wasn't Puerto Rican, played Maria.


Natalie Wood married which famous actor twice, initials RW?

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers played amateur detectives Jonathan and Jennifer in which Eighties TV series?

Hart to Hart

What is the name given to the Irish ring that features a heart, hands and a crown?


The fishing village of Claddagh is now part of which West Coast Irish city?

Galway City

What historically was/is a Galway hooker?

A boat

What fish featured on Irish pre-Euro coins?

The salmon

What Irish wild mammal featured on the 1 punt coin?

Red Deer

What name is given to moose in Europe?


Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

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