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Which road do the Saw Doctors sing about in a song of homesickness and emigration?

The N17

Which fruity sounding band had hits with 'Linger' and 'Zombie'?

The Cranberries

What did the Corrs do On Corners according to their album title?


How many members of Boyzone were there?


What was Sinead O'Conner's distinctive hairstyle in her early days of success?

Shaved head

How many members of the Corrs are not female?


What are the Corrs first names?

Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim

Who sang "YMCA"?

The Village People

Which instrument is James Galway famous for playing?

The flute

Which Kicks did the Undertones have in the 70s and 80s?


John McCormack, Irish singer, was famous for which singing voice?


The Pogues were formed in what year?


Which Dolores fronts the Cranberries?


Lord Mountcharles is connected with which high-profile Irish musical festival?


"Dana" is her professional name but what is her real name?

Rosemary Brown

Riverdance, the stage show, who composed the music?

Bill Whelan

Which Ash hit shares its name with a James Bond film?


How many 'shades of green' does the song say can be found in Ireland?


The song by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl sang of a Fairytale of ......?

New York

According to Percy French's song, What do the Mourne Mountains famously do?

'sweep down to the sea'

Lady in Red is most famous for which Irish singer-songwriter?

Chris de Burgh

Which famous city was James Galway born ?


Which Irish boyband made history when their first 5 singles went straight to number one in the UK charts?


Which city did OTT come from?


Which all girl band sounded like they had magical powers?


Which Daniel sang 'Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love?'?


Larry Mullen Jr is a member of which Irish rock-group?


Who is singer Eithne Ní Bhraonáin better known as?


"In Blue" is the title of an album released by which Irish Group in 2000?

The Corrs

Which Irish pianist and composer composed the Nocturne?

John Field

Who wrote the music and lyrics of the song "Ride on"?

Jimmy McCarthy

Pete Briquette was a member of which Irish rock group?

The Boomtown Rats

"Do they know It's Christmas?" was co-written by Bob Geldof and who else in 1984?

Midge Ure

'The Edge' from U2, what is his real name?

David Evans

What was the name of the song Dana sang in the Eurovision Song Contest?

All Kinds of Everything

In U2 which instrument does the Edge play?


Which folk band joined The Pogues on their version of the Irish Rover?

The Dubliners

Who sang 'Have I told you lately that I love you" with Van Morrison?

The Chieftains

What is the first name of teen star Mumba?