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Which old Irish legend had four children turned into swans by their wicked stepmother?

The Children of Lir

What was the name of the stepmother?


Name the four children

Fionnuala, Aodh, Fiachra and Conn

How was the spell on the children eventually broken?

When they heard the bell of a new God toll in their country

What was Tir na nÓg?

The land of eternal youth in Celtic mythology

Who was transported to Tir na nÓg by the ban-sidhe (fairy woman) Niamh?

The Celtic hero Oisín

How long did Oisín spend in Tir na nÓg?

300 years

What was the legend of the Salmon of Knowledge?

The first person to taste the salmon would be the wisest person in Ireland

In which river was the Salmon of Knowledge believed to swim?

The River Boyne

Who sat by the river every day trying to catch the Salmon of Knowledge?


Who eventually tasted the salmon first?

A small boy named Fionn McCumhaill

Fionn McCumhaill went on to become leader of what great army?

The Fianna

As a young boy what was Cúchulainn's name?


How did he get the name 'Cúchulainn'?

When he hit a ball into Culann’s guard dog’s mouth

Who is the female character in the Brown Bull of Cooley?

Queen Maeve

Who was Queen Maeve's husband?


In the legend, who did the Brown Bull of Cooley kill?

The White Bull of Connaght

In Irish lore what did the druids foretell about Deirdre of the Sorrows?

That she would cause great tragedy and heartache

Who were the parents of Deirdre?

Siobha was her mother and her father was Feidhlim

Who was Deirdre promised to in marriage?

King Connor

Who did Deirdre fall in love with and marry?

Naoise one of the sons of Uisneach

Who was the daughter of Cormac Mac Art, ruler of Tara?


With whom did Gráinne elope?


Who were the Fir Bolg?

The fourth band of invaders to Ireland

Who defeated the Fir Bolg?

The Tuatha Dé Danann

At which famous battle were they defeated?

Battle of Moytura

In Irish folklore, complete the name 'Niall of the Nine ....'