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What sport takes place at a velodrome?


What is the name of a bicycle that has two riders?


What is the first name of the Jamaican Olympian whose nickname is 'Lightning Bolt'?


What is the word used to describe a sailing or rowing sports meeting?


What is the name of the fast-moving type of boat that sits on two hulls?


Which swimming stroke wasn't developed until the 1930s?


What wasn't introduced in basketball until 15-20 years after the invention of the sport?

A hole in the basket. A stepladder used to be used.

What is the surname of the brothers who won Ireland's first ever medal in rowing at the Rio Olympics?


What name is given to rowing with an oar in each hand, as opposed to rowing with both hands on a single oar?


Who is the Irish Paralympian and Galway university lecturer who has been dominant in world C3 cycling Time Trials from 2014-2016?

Eoghan Clifford