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The All Ireland Senior Football Championship is held for a trophy named after whom?

Sam Maguire.

Who is the legendary Irish jockey who won the Grand National at his fifteenth attempt?

A.P. McCoy

Roddy Doyle's "The Van" is set against the background of which sporting event?

The 1990 World Cup (Italia 90).

Which jockey was most closely associated with racehorse Arkle throughout his career?

Pat Taaffe

What record did Irish bobsledder Aoife Hoey set at the 2010 Olympics?

She was the tallest woman competitor (6' 4").

Who was Ireland's goalie in Italia 90 whose fantastic save against Romania put them into the quarter finals?

Packie Bonner

Belfast's City airport is named after which Irish sports person?

George Best.

What sport did Irishman Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins play?


Which Irish snooker player beat Steve Davis to become world champion in 1985?

Dennis Taylor

Which Irish boxer of Traveller heritage became a hero in the 1996 Olympics?

Francie Barrett

Which soccer club was Roy Keane most closely associated with as a player?

Manchester United

Which boxer styled himself 'The Celtic Warrior?'

Steve Collins

Who was the first manager of legendary boxer Barry McGuigan

Barney Eastwood

Tommy, Paul, Philip, Nina. Which Irish racing family?

The Carberrys

Which Irish racehorse trainer won the Cheltenham Glenfarclas cross-country race three years in a row?

Enda Bolger

Which Irish athlete was the women's 5000m world champion in 1995

Sonia O'Sullivan

Ireland won the Six Nations Championship in 2009 in what sport?

Rugby Union