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What nickname is given to Kilkenny sporting teams?

The Cats

The Scottish sport of shinty has a different name in Ireland. What is it?


What is Arkle, from which the legendary Irish racehorse took its name?

A Scottish mountain

Which Englishman became an honorary Irishman for his management of Ireland's Italia 90 soccer team?

Jackie Charlton.

Before international rugby was played at Croke Park, what was the name of the ground which was the home of Irish Rugby?

Lansdowne Road.

What name is given to the ball in hurling?

A sliotar.

Snooker World Champion Dennis Taylor comes from which town in County Tyrone?


In which sport was Michelle Smith suspended in 1999 over drug allegations?


Which Irish sport is sometimes confused with the Scottish game 'shinty'?


What is Limerick's main rugby venue?

Thomond Park

Where is the Hogan Stand?

Croke Park

In which county would you find Gowran Park racecourse?

County Kilkenny

Where would you find GAA ground Cusack Park?


What type of timber is used to make hurleys for camogie and hurling?

The Ash

The Curragh is in which Irish county?


Which well known club did George Best play for?

Manchester United

What type of course was created by Christy O'Conner Jr. in Tullow, Co. Carlow?


Which Republic striker John played for Liverpool and Tranmere?


What does the G stand for in the GAA?