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Pot Luck Irish Questions 9

What is the county town of Tipperary, with a name meaning 'honey vale'?


Why is Irish champion sprinter and Olympian Jason Smyth remarkable?

He is legally blind.

What is the name given to the 'stick' used to beat an Irish bodhran drum?

A tipper

For what was Turlough O'Carolan famous?

18th Century Irish harper and composer, who happened to be blind.

Which spirit is commercially distilled in Cork and bears the name of the city?


Who were the notorious Irish murderers in 1820s Edinburgh who sold corpses to a doctor for his anatomy lectures?

Burke and Hare

Who was the giant of Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway?

Finn McCool

The appearance or hearing of which Irish spirit is seen as a harbinger of death?


Complete this Irish place-name Borris In ?


Who was the late Irish actor who starred in 'A Man Called Horse'?

Richard Harris

Naas is the county capital of which K?


Which delicate material is Monaghan known for?


What would Paul Rankin most likey be doing on TV?


What is the name given to the female, near identical, version of hurling?


Which city has been dubbed 'Titanic Town' due to the ship being built there?


The Black Velvet ???? is a folk song set in Belfast.


What are the two drinks that make up a Black Velvet?

Guinness and champagne

Is the town of Wicklow north or south of Dublin?


Which saint is said to have proclaimed the arrival of Christianity at Slane Hill in 453

St. Patrick

Which is further north Donegal or Northern Ireland?


Which poet WB was born in Co. Sligo?