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Pot Luck Irish Questions 8

Who is Irish writer Cecilia Ahern's famous father?

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern

What is said to have been used by St Patrick to teach the concept of the Trinity?


Which Irish band had hits such as Clare Island and Will It Ever Stop Raining?

The Saw Doctors

What is a Galway hooker?

It's a boat

What islands are famous for the heavy woollen knitwear worn by the local fishermen?

Aran Islands

What symbol has been associated with Irish flags since the 1640s?

A harp

What is Cashel Blue?

It's a cheese

What is a Kerry Blue?

A native Irish breed of dog

What is the main use of Wicklow's Glen of Imaal?

An Irish Army firing range

Who or what is Lughnaquilla?

A mountain in County Wicklow

Where in Ireland is the main training centre for the Irish Army?

The Curragh Camp in County Kildare

What iconic Dublin building was wrecked in the 1916 Rising and reopened in 1929, but still bears bullet marks today?

The General Post Office

Fifty years after the Easter Rising a massive statue of which British naval hero was toppled in an explosion in Dublin?

Lord Nelson

Dublin statues are famous for their nicknames. Who is the 'Tart With The Cart' in Dublin city centre?

Molly Malone

'The Time in The Slime' was a clock installed in the Liffey in the 1990s for what purpose?

The Millennium Countdown

What is St Brendan commonly known as?

The Navigator

What is the other main ingredient of champ with potatoes?

Scallions (spring onions)

What is 'a wake'?

A celebration of the life of the deceased

How many leaves does a shamrock have?


Which Irish newspaper was first published on 5 September 1931?

The Irish Press

Who played the part of Eamon de Valera in the 1995 film "Michael Collins"?

Alan Rickman

Which Irish Columban priest spent 5 months in jail in the Phillipines during 1984?

Fr. Niall O' Brien