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Pot Luck Irish Questions 7

Who is the Cork born Grand National winning jockey, now a commentator, who famously said winning the National was "better than sex?"

Mick Fitzgerald

Which iconic Irish racehorse was named after a Scottish mountain?


Vincent and Aidan are two great Irish racehorse trainers of the past and present who share the same surname. What is it?


Complete the name of this Nineties/Noughties Irish TV series 'Don't Feed The ????????'


Which famous Irish comedian was briefly a physics lecturer before becoming a children's TV presenter and stand-up comedian?

Dara O'Briain

What phrase was used for the boom in the Irish economy in the Nineties and early Noughties?

Celtic Tiger

What North-western Irish lough is actually the estuary of the river of the same name?

Lough Foyle

Which Irish county is further north than many parts of Northern Ireland?

County Donegal

Which Irish city is known as The Marble City?


What is the nickname of the Kilkenny hurling and football teams?

The Cats

Complete the lyric of this famous song with the title: " I wish I was in


What is the name of the famous folk song, written by Pete St John, that tells of a man deported to Australia for stealing corn at the time of the Famine?

Fields of Athenry

'Fields of Athenry' is a song sung by the fans of which Scottish football club, which has widespread support in Ireland?


What is an Irish Moiled?

A breed of cattle

What are crubeens?

Cooked pig's trotters

Name the Irish singer born on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1966, probably best known for his version of You Raise Me Up?

Brian Kennedy

What is the name of the Irish fruit loaf that had objects baked in to it at Hallow'een?


Which Irish dramatist (d. 2015), was described as 'The Irish Chekhov'?

Brian Friel

One of the best known plays of Brian Friel was made into a film starring Meryl Streep, Dancing at ?????????


When is the pagan Irish festival of Lughnasa celebrated?

Early August

What is the correct Irish name of the ball used in hurling?