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Pot Luck Irish Questions 6

Which Father was the subject of a sitcom with Ardal O'Hanlon?


What character did Ardal O'Hanlon play in it?

Fr. Dougal

Which Patrick introduced Camelot's National Lottery with Anthea?


What makes the Purple Mountains in Kerry purple?


Which breed of terrier does Kerry give it's name to?

Kerry Blue

Which K is the start of the Kerry way?


Which group produced the mega selling album Rumours?

Fleetwood Mac

What is a traditional flute made from?


What is a bodhran?

A drum

What are harp strings now made of?

Gut or nylon

UIlleann pipes are what type of pipes?


Which Christy was a major player in Planxty?


The Curragh race course is in which Irish County?


Is people's Park in Waterford or Dublin?


What can you sample at the Old Middleton Distillery?

Jameson's Whiskey

In what year did Guinness formally adopt the harp as its symbol?


Which dairy animal does Kerry give it's name to?


What do the letters REPS stand for in relation to Irish farming?

Rural Enviroment Protection scheme

What is An Gárda Siochana?

The Irish National Police Service

Boxty is what?

An Irish potato cake

What is a currach?

A traditional fishing boat of the Irish western seaboard

What is a coracle?

A basket-like skin-covered boat, which was more traditional on inland waters

'Black Spot' posted at the roadside in Ireland usually indicates what?

Site of a fatal crash