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Pot Luck Irish Questions 5

What is the other main ingredient of champ with potatoes?

Scallions (spring onions)

What is 'a wake'?

A celebration of the life of the deceased

How many leaves does a shamrock have?


What does 'An tSean-Bhó Riabhach' mean?

Old brindled cow

Which Irish newspaper was first published on 5 September 1931?

The Irish Press

Who played the part of Eamon de Valera in the 1995 film "Michael Collins"?

Alan Rickman

Which writer James shares his name with a tower in Dun Laoghaire?


Who shares a memorial with Alcock commemorating their trans-Atlantic flight from Newfoundland?


Where did they land?


Which early Biblical couple appear on the Tynan Village Cross?

Adam and Eve

Was Dublin's Abbey Theatre created in the 18th or the 20th century?


Which house in Dublin with a long history is the current home of the Dept. of the Environment?

Custom House

What type of mariner's beacon is at Hook Head, Co. Wexford?


Dublin's Rotunda hospital pioneered the training of which nurses who help with childbirth?


Which O is the location for the Battle of the Boyne?


Which T is the county of the Golden Vale?


Which B was the fictional TV village filmed in Avoca?


Which Irish Columban priest spent 5 months in jail in the Phillipines during 1984?

Fr. Niall O' Brien

What do the letters REPS stand for in relation to Irish farming?

Rural Enviroment Protection scheme

What was the name of the man who formed the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Christian Brothers)?

Edmund Ignatius Rice

Who wrote 'Romantic Ireland's dead and gone / It's with O'Leary in the grave'?

W B Yeats

Which saint is associated with Lough Derg?

Saint Patrick

Where, in 433AD, did St Patrick light the Paschal Fire?

Hill of Slane