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Pot Luck Irish Questions 4

Which Bill created Riverdance?


Where is the annual Cat Laughs comedy festival held?


Which city is Kenneth Branagh from?


Which Brenda won an oscar for My Left Foot?


What kind of dish is 'colcannon'

A potato and cabbage dish

Prior to her election which University was Irish President Mary McAleese a Professor?

Queen's University Belfast

Where was Michael Flatley, Irish dancing superstar, born?

United States of America

Where and what are the Knockmealdowns?

Mountains in County Waterford

What is the Irish House of Representatives called?

Dail Eireann

What feared title was given to Grace O'Malley?

Pirate Queen

According to the song, what did Molly Malone sell on the streets of Dublin?

Cockles and Mussels

What kind of food are crubeens?

Pig's feet

Whose last words were reputedly "Either this wallpaper goes or I do"?

Oscar Wilde

Which Pope visited Knock, Co. Mayo in 1979?

John Paul II

What is a small island north of Howth in County Dublin known as?

Ireland's Eye

The pneumatic tyre was developed by whom?

John Boyd Dunlop

What is the Irish Senate known as?

'Seanad Eireann"

What does 'Erin Go Bragh' mean?

'Ireland for ever'

What was Michael Collins' fiancee called?

Kitty Kiernan

What is St Brendan commonly known as?

The Navigator