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Pot Luck Irish Questions 3

Which shellfish does Dublin give it's name to?

Dublin Bay Prawn

What is Grafton Street most famous for?


Who is the patron saint of the national Cathedral?

St. Patrick

In which street is it?

Patrick Street

How many main railstations does Dublin have?


Which is the oldest college on College Green?

Trinity College

Which traditional musical instrument was adopted as a logo by Guinness?

The harp

What is 'uisce beatha'?

Irish Whiskey

Who was the cabbie who co-starred in the 'Quiet Man' film?

Barry Fitzgerald

Who played Lawrence of Arabia in the film of the same name?

Peter O'Toole

Name the fairy that allegedly comes to certain Irish families to forewarn of death?

Banshee (or Bean-sidhe)

What is the fish or salmon associated with in Irish mythology?

Wisdom (Knowledge)

What is Ireland's National Holiday?

St Patrick's Day

Which Michael brought Irish dancing to a wider audience?


Which slithery reptile does Ireland famously lack?


How many moles are there in Ireland?


What sort of Park is at Fota in Co. Cork?


What type of music is celebrated at an annual Cork festival?


In which Irish County was Pierce Brosnan born ?

County Meath

Who played the title role in the film Michael Collins?

Liam Neeson