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Who wrote Sinead O'Connor's hit 'Nothing Compares 2 U'?


Which Irish musician now has a statue to him on Harry Street off Grafton Street in Dublin?

Phil Lynott

Sunday, Bloody Sunday was a hit for which Irish band?


What is the real name of U2's The Edge?

David Evans

Which Irish folk song deals with Michael who "stole Trevelyan's corn"?

The Fields of Athenry

What did Turlough O'Carolan or Terence Carolan play? The triple, or Irish harp.

The Irish Harp

What skin is traditionally used on the Irish drum, the bodhran? Goatskin


What was the band name of the Irish twins who appeared on UK TV in the talent show The X Factor?


Who is the Irish music promoter who has long featured on The X Factor?

Louis Walsh

What song by Derry band The Undertones was the favourite of legendary DJ John Peel?

Teenage Kicks

Under what name has Irishman Neil Hannon recorded since 1989?

The Divine Comedy

What was the spoof Irish Eurovision song used in an episode of Father Ted and sung by Dougal?

My Lovely Horse

What cultural phenomenon got its breakthrough as the interval act in an Irish hosted Eurovision?


Who are Finbar Wright, Antony Kearns and Ronan Tynan?

The Irish Tenors

How is Christopher John Davison better known?

Chris de Burgh

What was the name of the first Irish boy band, created by Louis Walsh?


What, in English, is the Irish National Anthem known as?

The Soldier's Song

What is the stage name of singer Barry Moore?

Luka Bloom

Which sadly missed Irish singer-songwriter had severe dyslexia?

Christie Hennessy

Who is the singing sister of Daniel O'Donnell?


What type of group, peculiarly Irish, was popular from the 1950s to the mid 70s?

The showband

Dec, Con, John. Which Sixties group?

The Bachelors

Complete the band name: Goats Don't


Whose first album was 'Paddy On The Road?'

Christy Moore

What concert venue is at 58 Thomas St Dublin?

Vicar St

Which Irish musician has played alongside Christy Moore in recent years?

Declan Sinnott

How is Irish country singer Tom McBride better known?

Big Tom

Which Irish musical/political magazine was founded in 1977?

Hot Press

Which legendary guitarist died 14th June 1995?

Rory Gallagher

Who was once the lead singer of Them?

Van Morrison

Paddy Moloney founded which legendary band?

The Chieftains

Will you meet me on ????? ??????' asked the Saw Doctors

Clare Island

Who wrote and sang The Island?

Paul Brady

Daniel O' Donnell is a native of which county?


Daniel O' Donnell is a native of which county?


Daniiel O'Donnell was parodied in Fr Ted. What was the singer's name?

Eoin McLove

What album was released to raise money for the Omagh Fund?

Across The Bridge of Hope

Which Irish DJ premieres all U2's singles?

Dave Fanning

What was 'Big D' in 70s Dublin?

A pirate radio station

Christy Moore has sung about which legendary, now defunct Irish music festival?


Which Irish singer said 'Gotta Tell You'?

Samantha Mumba

Who wrote 'Ride On'?

Jimmy McCarthy

How did the keyboard player with the Saw Doctors hit the headlines in 1993?

He won the state lottery

Who started out as The Ronnie Drew Ballad Group?

The Dubliners

Who composed the song 'Did your mother come from Ireland'?

Jimmy Kennedy

Who is the Omagh singer best known for her cover of 'Broken Things?'

Juliet Turner

Which Irish singer was born on the Falls Road in 1966?

Brian Kennedy

Tommy, Eugene, Ben, Colum, Anne. Which family?

The Sands Family

What is the name of the famous music store based in Dublin?


Who wrote The Town I Loved So Well?

Phil Coulter

The Town I Loved So Well is about which city?


Who was the only non-female Corr?


Eithne N� Bhraon�in is the real name of which singer?


The theme to which TV series gave Clannad a worldwide hit?

Harry's Game

Which member of the Corrs plays the drums?


Who wrote The Fields of Athenry?

Pete St John

Who played Deco Cuffe, lead singer of The Commitments?

Andrew Strong

Glen Hansard also appeared in The Commitments. What is his band?

The Frames

Where was Christy Moore born?

Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Boyzone's Keith Duffy appeared in which soap?

Coronation Street