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Who did Joseph Plunkett marry just before his execution for treason in the Easter Rising of 1916?

Grace Gifford

What was Joseph Plunkett's slightly unusual middle name, a name more usually used for a woman?


Cork's nickname of 'The Rebel City' originated in its support for the Yorkist cause in which English-based wars?

The Wars of The Roses.

Who was the leader of the anti Treaty forces in the Irish Civil War (died April 1923)

Liam Lynch

An Gorta Mor, which started in 1845, is known in English as?

The Great Famine

Who were the Ard Rí ?

The High Kings of Ireland

What was the name of the dynasty that dominated Ireland from the 6th-10th Centuries?

Uí Néill

Which south-east Irish city was the seat of Irish self government in the 1640s?


Who invaded Ireland in 1649 to crush the Catholic Confederation?

Oliver Cromwell

How were Wolfe Tone, Henry Joy McCracken and Lord Edward FitzGerald collectively known?

The United Irishmen

In which century was the Battle of the Boyne?


The Titanic was built at which Irish shipyard?

Harland & Wolff

What was the first name of the 18th century politician Grattan?