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Irish History 1

During which years did the Irish Potato Famine take place?

1845 - 49

In what year did the Phoenix Park murders take place?


What was the common name for phytophthora infetans, a major cause of the crisis?

Potato Blight

Where in Ireland was the last fatal duel fought.

(Thanks to Patrick Hegarty for this question, answer Ref. source. H.P. SWAN, Romantic Inishowen.)

Druminderry Bridge. North East of Buncrana, Co. Donegal.

Which people from the British mainland came to Ireland when James I was on the British throne?

The Scots

Which Society, also called the Quakers, was at the forefront of famine relief?

The Society of Friends

Which Rule movement was led by Parnell?

Home Rule

What was Parnell's first name?


Where did most people emigrate to after the Famine of the 1840s?


Who was the first High King of Ireland?

Brian Boru

What was John Barry known as?

'Father of the American Navy'

In Co Mayo in 1798, who landed 1,000 men at Killala?

General Humbert, of France

Which famous Irish siege lasted from 18 December 1688 to 28 July 1689?


Which Oliver came to Ireland in the mid 17th century?


When did Dublin celebrate the Millennium of its birth?


Which President of Ireland resigned on 22 October 1976 following the comments of the then Minister for Defence Patrick Donegan?

Cearbhall O'Dalaigh

Who was known as the Liberator?

Daniel O'Connell

On whose tombstone are the words "He is now where fierce indignation can no longer tear his heart"?

Jonathan Swift

Which Scandinavians invaded Ireland in the 9th and 10th centuries?


Who was the Mayo-born man who became the "Father of the Argentinian Navy"?

Admiral William Brown

In what year did the Irish Civil War break out?