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Irish Geography 3

What drink is the major product of the fruit orchards of Waterford and Tipperary?


What is the name given to the hilly glacial landforms that form a characteristic part of the landscape in Counties Monaghan, Mayo, Cavan, Fermanagh, Antrim and Down?


What is the massive reservoir in the Mourne Mountains of County Down that supplies water to the City of Belfast?

Silent Valley

What lough in Northern Ireland is the largest in Ireland?

Lough Neagh

What is the famous limestone 'hill' in Tipperary, the site of an ancient metropolis?

The Rock of Cashel

What Irish place name translates as Black Pool in English (although that is not its Irish name?)


What is the Irish name of the City of Dublin?

Baile Atha Cliath

The Clanrye River forms part of the border between County Down and what southern Irish county?

County Louth

What is the name of County Clare's massive limestone 'pavement'?

The Burren.

What refers to itself as 'The Rebel City' and 'The Real Capital' of Ireland?

Cork City

Which famous river runs through Dublin?

River Liffey

What is the most northerly county in Ireland?


Where is the 'lake isle of Innisfree'?

On Lough Gill, Sligo

Which C is the river on which Galway stands?

The Corrib

What is the most southerly county in Ireland?


What is the largest county in Ireland?


What is the smallest county in Ireland