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Irish Geography 1

Which two Irish cities are situated at either end of the N9 Primary Route?

Dublin and Waterford

Where would you find Kate Kearney's Cottage?

County Kerry

In Connacht, which county does not have a coastline?

County Roscommon

How many counties touch the River Shannon?


Which town's name translates as "Church of the sloes"?


Which group of islands in Ireland also give their name to a type of sweater?

The Aran Islands

Name the county town of Leitrim?


Which holy place is regarded as the Lourdes of Ireland?


On which river would you find the Powerscourt Waterfall?

The River Dargle

Where in Ireland would you find Bangor Erris?

County Mayo

Which river flows under Dublin Castle?

The River Poddle

Cathair na Mairt is the Irish name for which Mayo town?


In which Leinster county would you find the village of Kilmuckridge?

County Wexford

Where would you find Kilkenny West and the River Inny?

County Westmeath

The largest park in Dublin is?

The Phoenix Park

Where did Dublin get it's name?

From 'Dubh linn' meaning "dark pool"

According to legend the devil spat out what?

The Rock of Cashel