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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quizzes'

* March 19th 2016
* April 2nd 2016
* April 16th 2016
* April 30th 2016
* May 28th 2016
* June 4th 2016
* June 11th 2016
* June 18th 2016
* July 16th 2016
* August 6th 2016
* September 3rd 2016
* September 17th 2016
* September 24th 2016
* October 23rd 2016
* November 5th 2016
* November 12th 2016

Irish Chat was set up in 1998 to provide an opportunity for people interested in Ireland and the Irish to chat with one another. Over time the site developed into a popular meeting place for anyone looking for interesting and lively chat on any topic.

In 2000 Andrea, aka And, joined the craic and started up a weekly quiz in 2001. This was held every Saturday night at midnight GMT and has continued ever since. Andrea has kept copies of the various quizzes and they will now be made available on this site.


1. As the quiz takes place in a chat room there is always a lot of banter so some weeks there will be fewer questions than others. Occasionally there will be so much chat there isn't time for a quiz.

2. Some of the questions may be date sensitive and not relevant at other times, however we have left all questions in for the sake of completion.

Ireland Calls Trivia Quiz

If you want to take part in the Saturday night quiz or just meet some of the old and new 'Irish Chatters' please visit the Ireland Calls facebook group.

If you are interested in more information on Ireland Calls and Irish Chat visit the Ireland Calls website.