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What does the G stand for in GAA?


When was the first football final played at Jones Road in Dublin?

21st March 1896

Who or what is Croke Park named after?

Archbishop Thomas Croke, first patron of the Gaelic Athletic Association

Where is the Hogan Stand?

Croke Park

What name is given to the ball used in hurling?

The sliotar

What type of timber is used to make hurleys for camogie and hurling?

The Ash

The first General Secretary of the GAA was a Clare man. What was his name?

Michael Cusack

Where would you find GAA ground Cusack Park?


What nickname is given to Kilkenny sporting teams?

The Cats

Who were the famous Mayo full back line of 1950 and '51 All-Ireland fame?

John Forde, Paddy Prendergast and Sean Flanagan

Which cup is played for in the Hurling Championships?

The Liam McCarthy Cup

After whom is the cup named?

A London born Gael who established a GAA London board in the 1890's

What year did the Sam Maguire cup make its first appearance?


What was the Sam Maguire cup modelled on?

The Ardagh Chalice

After which footballer is the Hogan Stand named?

Michael Hogan who was shot in Croke Park on Bloody Sunday, Nov 1920

When was the first live televised GAA match?

August 6th, 1962 - Kerry v Dublin, shown on the new RTE channel

When did the GAA museum at Croke Park open?

Jan 1998

What is the name of the GAA grounds in Newry?

Pairc Esler

Galway won their first All-Ireland under 21 hurling title in 1972. Who captained that team?

Iggy Clarke

Who was known as the 'Iron Man from Rhode'?

Offaly full-back Paddy McCormack

Name the three famous Rackard brothers from Wexford?

Bobby, Nicky and Willie

Irish golfer Padraig Harrington had a famous father. For what was he famous?

Paddy Harrington was a well known Cork and Munster footballer in the late 1950s, early 1960s.