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Famous Irish People

What was the name of the Anglo-Irish polar explorer who led three expeditions to the Antarctic, dying in South Georgia in 1922?

Ernest Shackleton

Kerryman and polar explorer Tom Crean was a member of a famous 1911-13 Polar expedition led by which iconic explorer?

Captain Robert Scott

Who was the Irish-born soldier and statesman responsible for the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo?

The Duke of Wellington, Lord Arthur Wellesley

In what sport was Northern Ireland's Sir Anthony “A.P.” McCoy British champion a record 19 times?

National Hunt horse racing

Under what name did Irish singer and later politician Rosemary Scallon become famous?


Which Northern Irish footballer, now a football commentator, scored a winning goal against the hosts Spain in the 1982 World Cup?

Gerry Armstrong

Who was the Derry-born radio DJ d. 2014 who popularised the nickname 'Stroke City' for Derry/Londonderry?

Gerry Anderson

Bandon - born Graham William Walker is better known professionally as?

Graham Norton

Which Navan–born comedy writer and actor was the long-term writing partner of Graham Linehan, creating Father Ted?

Arthur Mathews

Which Limerick-born broadcaster was associated with the Eurovision Song Contest for many years, ending his connection in 2008?

Sir Terry Wogan