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There are six sections with questions referring to Christmas each one with 10 questions:

Christmas 1 Christmas 2
Christmas 3 Christmas 4
Christmas 5 Christmas 6

Christmas and Winter Festivals 5

What winter festival honours African-American culture?


Nos Galan' are New Year races held in which country


The first written record of a Christmas tree is from what Baltic state?


One of Jesus' presents was gold. What is the chemical symbol for gold?


Tom Smith invented what Christmas tradition

Christmas crackers

What is the chief filling of Christmas mince pies?

Dried fruit

"The Toy Show" is a special seasonal edition of which Irish TV programme?

The Late Late Show

Which German cathedral contains a shrine to the Three Kings?

Koeln (Cologne)

Which of the Gospels contain the Christmas story?

Matthew and Luke

When was the Christmas card invented?