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There are six sections with questions referring to Christmas each one with 10 questions:

Christmas 1 Christmas 2
Christmas 3 Christmas 4
Christmas 5 Christmas 6

Christmas and Winter Festivals 4

Which famous actor (The African Queen, Casablanca) was born on Christmas Day?

Humphrey Bogart

On what day are Christmas presents traditionally given in Germany?

Christmas Eve

Complete the line "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem how .."

"... still we see thee lie"

Star lights, or 'parols' are a feature of Christmas in which country?

The Philippines

What is the more common name of Picea abies, a Christmas feature?

The Norway Spruce (Christmas tree)

Loy Krathong is a festival of light from which country?


What is myrrh?

A bitter-smelling ointment

The poinsettia is native to which country?


Carp is a Christmas dish in which country?


Who established the Christmas tree as a counterpoint to the Catholic Nativity scene?

Martin Luther