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There are six sections with questions referring to Christmas each one with 10 questions:

Christmas 1 Christmas 2
Christmas 3 Christmas 4
Christmas 5 Christmas 6

Christmas and Winter Festivals 2

Which carol is this? "Lullay, lullay thou little tiny child, Bye bye, lullay, lullay"

The Coventry Carol

On December 13th, girls in Sweden dress as which saint?

St Lucia

What is Happy Christmas in Irish?

Nollaig Shona

Whose Christmas song is A Spaceman Came Travelling?

Chris De Burgh

What bird was once hunted on St Stephen's Day in Ireland?

The wren

The German cake eaten at Christmas is called a


Black bun is eaten at New Year in?


Befana brings presents in which European country?


The feast day of St Nicholas is what date in Dec?

December 6th

St Nicholas was Bishop of Myra. Where is Myra? (country).