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General 1

In 1951 which film was shot on location in Cong, County Mayo and directed by John Ford?

The Quiet Man

Is a bodhran a drum or a fiddle?


Armagh 'The Orchard County', is known for which fruit?


What does GAA stand for?

Gaelic Athletic Association

Which actress played the part of Mary Kate Danaher in "The Quiet Man"?

Maureen O' Hara

By what other name is the Liffey Bridge in Dublin known as?

Ha'penny Bridge

What lies on top of an Irish Coffee?


"Dancing at Lughnasa" was written by which Irish playwright?

Brian Friel

What traditional instrument does Sharon Corr (of The Corrs) play?


In the legend of the Fianna, what was the Land of Eternal Youth?

Tír Na Nóg

Between 1849 and 1920, which port in County Cork was known as Queenstown?


What did Lir turn his wife Aoife into after he discovered what she had done to his children?

A Vulture

Which bird is said to be "king of the birds"?

The wren

What are the Twelve Bens?


In 1986 which Bob received an honorary knighthood after founding Band Aid?


Which Irish city is also known as "the city of the tribes"?


Which island off Cork has an observatory of migratory birds?

Clear Island

In which city is the Irish soap "Fair City" set?


Where in the Shannon estuary were transatlantic crossings initially made?


In which town in Co. Roscommon is the Irish Famine Museum?


What is the name of the fictional town in Donegal where most of Brian Friel's plays are set?


In which museum is the Tara Brooch?

National History Museum, Dublin

Which is the most famous title at the Tralee festival?

The Rose of Tralee

Who duetted with Westlife on Against All Odds?

Mariah Carey

Which Irish Saint is said to have discovered America a thousand years before Columbus?

Saint Brendan

In the Irish broadcasting company RTE, what does the R stand for?


What music conpetition did the priests from Father Ted once enter?

The Eurovision Song Contest

Which shellfish is the theme of a Galway Bay festival at the start of the season?


What does the circle in the centre of the celtic cross represent?

The Sun

The Crying Game won which Oscar for Neil Jordon's film


A Samuel Beckett and an American situation comedy have the same title, what is it?

Happy Days

What character from radio, literary, film and comic strip has been played by an Englishman, Scotsman, Australian, and Irishman?

James Bond

A traditional Irish stew contains which meat?


Which children's computer animated film used the song 'The Boys are Back in Town?' by Thin Lizzy

Toy Story

To make an Irish coffee, what alcohol ingredient would you use