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Ireland Calls Saturday Night 'Pub Quizzes'

* March 19th 2016
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Table Quiz

A table quiz is a team event, with three or four people forming a team. The usual format of a table quiz is that answers are written in response to questions which may be either written or read out by a quizmaster. The main point of a table quiz is the fact that team members can confer about the answers and submit whatever they believe to be the correct answer after consultation with each other.

Normally, pens and quiz papers are distributed to team members at the beginning of the quiz. Sometimes these quiz papers may contain the questions for the quiz or may just be blank sheets for writing the answers on. Usually a member of the team hands the answers in for decision to the quiz master or swops papers with another team for marking when the answers are called.

Table quizzes are very popular in Ireland and are often held in community centres, hotels or pubs, and are sometimes in support of a local charity, club or other such cause. A unique feature about a table quiz in Ireland would be a whole round of questions about the GAA - the national sport of football!